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This list is compiled from a broad range of resources. Some can be downloaded either directly from this site or from linked sites, while others have order forms attached to them.

If you have trouble accessing any of these publications please contact the BCC toll-free line (888-411-3535).

All publications are listed by the step in the facilities development process for which they are most useful.

  1. The Planning Stage

    1. General Planning
    2. Identify Market Demand
    3. Assess Financial Feasibility and Organizational Capacity
  2. The Predevelopment Stage

    1. Select a Site and Obtain Site Control and Approval
    2. Design the Interior Facility
    3. Design the Playground
    4. Secure a Contractor
    5. Complete the Business Plan
    6. Secure Financing
  3. The Development Stage

    1. Manage the Site Construction Process
    2. Ensure the Safety of the Facility and the Site
    3. Obtain Licensing Approval for the Site
    4. Equip the Classroom
    5. Market the Program in the Community
  4. The Start-Up Stage

    1. Phase in Staffing and Children
    2. Sustain the Program
  5. Other

    These documents are not specific to one stage but may also be of help during the facilities development process.

  1. Planning

  2. General

    Identify Market Demand

    Assess Financial Feasibility and Organizational Readiness

  3. Predevelopment

  4. Select a Site and Obtain Site Control and Approval

    • Basic Licensing Requirements for a Child Care Center or Preschool: This publication was developed by the Child Care Advocate Program to provide a quick reference guide to licensing requirements. It's a great resource to bring with you when you are selecting a site for your child care center.

    • Child Care Facility Site Selection: selecting a site for a child care program, whether you are interested in purchasing an existing facility, building a new center or incorporating a modular onto existing property, presents many challenges. Myriad factors, including capacity, program space requirements, accessibility, target neighborhood(s), as well as licensing and zoning requirements must be considered before a child care site is chosen. In addition to addressing all of these issues, this publication will include information on the types of professional consultants that can help you in the process and will provide recommendations on how to secure a site.

    • A Citizen's Guide to Planning: provides information on the process and system of land use planning as it is practiced in California. Its purpose is to explain, in general terms, how local communities regulate land use and to define some commonly used planning terms. The booklet covers the following topics: State Law and Local Planning,The General Plan, Zoning, Subdivisions, Other Ordinances and Regulations, Annexation and Incorporation, The California Environmental Quality Act, A Glossary of Planning Terms.

    • Directory of California City Planning Departments: Search here to find contact information for your local city planner who can provide information about land use and zoning issues related to your facility.

    • Finding A Child Care Center Site: In addition to providing some guidance on how to work with real estate professionals, this document by the Low Income Investment Fund includes a list of useful local resources and websites that can assist in your search.

    • Glossary of Common Planning Terms: Provided through the Governor's Office of Planning and Research.

    • See: Child Care Center Financial Planning and Facilities Development Manual, Chapter Four: The Facilities Development Process for information on selecting a site and identifying land use and zoning issues.

      Spanish: Centros de Cuidado Infantil: Manual para la planificación financiera y el desarrollo de instalaciones

    Design the Interior Facility

    Design the Playground

    Secure a Contractor

    Complete the Business Plan

    Secure Financing

  5. Development

  6. Manage the Site Construction Process

    Ensure the Safety of the Facility and the Site

    Obtain Licensing Approval for the Site

    Equip the Classroom

    Market the Program in the Community

    Also at this time: Prepare to start up (recruit staff, and develop curriculum).

  7. Start-Up

  8. Phase in Staffing and Children

    Program Sustainability

  9. Other

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