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Resources for Small Business Development Centers Serving Family Child Care Businesses

Fiscal Resources for Family Child Care Businesses

  • Family Child Care Facilities Development and Financing Manual (English, Spanish, Chinese): An expanded version of the Insight Center Maneuvering the Maze materials, specifically for family child care providers. This Manual includes five detailed chapters designed to help family child care providers business owners manage the financial side of their businesses and plan for a facility development project including expanding, renovating, building or purchasing a family child care home.

  • Filling the Cookie Jar - Child Care Budgets and Cash Flow: A computer CD that includes budget and cash flow spreadsheets for child care center and family child care businesses.

  • Glossary of Loan Terms (English and Spanish): Definitions of terms used in the lending and facility development fields as they relate to child care projects.

  • Matrix of Financial Resources for Child Care Facilities: Designed to help child care providers and child care advocates identify and access financial assistance to build, purchase, expand and/or renovate child care centers and family child care homes in California.

  • Potential Grant Resources for Child Care Facilities: List of foundations that have a history or an interest in funding child care programs, capital campaigns, and/or building and facilities development projects.

Start-up Resources for Family Child Care Businesses

  • Family Child Care Handbook, 7th Edition: (NEW!) A product of the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network, this book provides a comprehensive anthology of family child care training materials, covering start-up, business aspects, parent-provider relations, child development activities, and child care resources.

  • Market Demand: 2005 Child Care Portfolio:The 2005 California Child Care Portfolio presents a compilation of California statewide and county-by-county statistics on child care. The Portfolio includes a comprehensive California statewide report in both narrative and graphic format highlighting child care supply, demand, and cost issues in the context of current policy, demographic and labor force trends.

  • How to Open or Improve Your Family Child Care Business: A Workbook that lays the foundation for designing a business plan. Helps family child care providers answer key questions related to their motivation, experience, supply and demand for services to be provided, business administration, pricing and operational budget.

Facilities Resources for Family Child Care Businesses

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