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Community Advocates Publications

Since this list is compiled from a broad range of resources, there are various methods for obtaining these publications. Some can be downloaded either directly from this site or from linked sites, while others have order forms attached to them, or links to order forms. You can print these forms and send them to the addresses noted.

This section of publications includes resources to help technical assistance providers, child advocates, grant-makers and lenders address facilities development and financing issues in their communities.



  • A Toolkit for Organizing a Local Facilities Development and Financing Network in Your Community: This toolkit is intended to assist child care advocates and others in planning, hosting, and sustaining a local network of key individuals for the purpose of surmounting the barriers encountered by child care providers in the development and financing of facilities that serve children and their families and builds on BCC's experience bringing together these groups.

  • A Child Care Advocacy Guide to Land Use Principles: Provides information about how to limit the extent to which local land use policies work to limit the supply of child care.

  • A Citizen's Guide to Planning: provides information on the process and system of land use planning as it is practiced in California. Its purpose is to explain, in general terms, how local communities regulate land use and to define some commonly used planning terms. The booklet covers the following topics: State Law and Local Planning,The General Plan, Zoning, Subdivisions, Other Ordinances and Regulations, Annexation and Incorporation, The California Environmental Quality Act, A Glossary of Planning Terms.

  • A Guide to Homeownership for Family Child Care Providers: A BCC publication about becoming a homeowner and investigating specific loan and assistance programs that can help in the process. Available in Chinese and Spanish.

  • A Planning Guide - Linking Child Care to Economic Development: This document explains the strategies and techniques of the Local Investment in Child Care (LINCC) project, which combines child care knowledge with economic development strategies to expand and improve the child care industry in California. The guide focuses specifically on means to reduce barriers to the development of child care facilities and businesses.









  • Linking Child Care Development and Housing Development: Tools for Child Care Providers and Advocates: Explores what child care providers and advocates can gain from partnerships with housing developers and housing advocates. Also provides examples of policy collaborations and development partnerships that child care providers and advocates can pursue.




  • Resource Guide: Financing Child Care Facilities Development in California: Offers child care providers and advocates a sampling of financial resources available for center and home-based facilities development needs. Also includes technical assistance resources, background information on types of lenders, loan programs, and tips for maneuvering through the loan application process.


  • 2011 California Child Care Portfolio: The 2011 California Child Care Portfolio presents a compilation of California statewide and county-by-county statistics on child care. The Portfolio includes a comprehensive California statewide report in both narrative and graphic format highlighting child care supply, demand, and cost issues in the context of current policy, demographic and labor force trends.

  • Starting a Child Care Center: USDA Rural Information Center. Online guide for rural communities though much information will be useful to others.




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